Actility is the provider of the ThingPark Wireless solution for long-range and low-power LPWA networks of smart sensors
Long range network connected objects

Connected device integration and site survey

Actility works with your teams on your Smart Home, Smart City or Smart Building service. We work with partners to design a full end-to-end solution from device integration to application development.

Our operations team builds a business case taking into account an optmized coverage of the ThingPark Wireless long range radio network. 

Site radio planning and network roll-out

Once your sensor or device is ThingPark ready, we work with our partners to roll out the ThingPark Wireless network providing optimized radio coverage for your site.

Our teams commission the end-to-end service from device roll-out to application validation including application development based on the ThingPark Cloud infrastructure.


Network service operations

ThingPark Wireless comes with high network availability providing you with access to real-time operating conditions for your network of connected objects. 

Our support and monitoring tools provide full sensor data including battery life of your connected sensors and radio signal quality.

Connected objects

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Why is the ThingPark Wireless technology unique?

  • The radio technology used by ThingPark Wireless is fully bi-directional. It supports both monitoring and remote triggering of sensors and therefore covers a wider range of innovative IoT applications.
  • ThingPark Wireless® uses LoRaWAN Spread Spectrum modulation allowing for coverage on a range of 2 to 5 km in dense city areas and up to 15 km for countryside applications. Only a few base stations are required for a Smart City application
  • ThingPark Wireless® provides access to ThingPark Cloud® and its simple standards-based API. This interface allows for easy application development and roll-out through the ThingPark Store®.
  • The ThingPark Wireless® network supports low-power sensors requiring less than 15mA which cannot be covered using traditional short range wireless networks or traditional ISM technologies.
IoT LoRa Network
How is ThingPark Wireless different from other wireless networks

ThingPark Wireless uses free industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio bands allowing for a low cost roll-out of industrial M2M and IoT applications.

Objects connected via 3G and 4G networks require local power sources while ThingPark Wireless allows for battery-powered sensors with a battery life of several years.

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